Jan 17 2020 - LNPay.co / Paywall.Link

LNPay.co is a multi-purpose LN tool.
As things progress with these projects I am going to try and communicate more effectively what is going on, why, and when. You may have seen the domain LNPay.co floating around recently - probably in relation to faucets and some hardware projects. Here is what is happening.

What is LNPay.co?

Paywall.Link started this all in Apr 2019 - an easy way for someone to paywall anything on the web. The paywall page is a product of the Lightning Network's capabilities - it's a checkout page with a pre-generated invoice with amount ready to paid. No forms to fill out, no credit cards to enter, no 3rd party to sign into, no buttons to click except PAY.
This easy checkout process + micropayments attracted content/products that have never been monetized in this way before. Questions started getting asked: what is the best way to monetize a font pack? or my Health Action Plan? How can I get readers to pay for my curated journal?
And the best answer I have for these questions is - no one knows yet! And somewhere along the line it became clear how can I add value to people utilizing payments on LN - help them convert.


If we start thinking of the paywall in terms of a defined conversion metric (something like PTR, Pay-thru-Rate) we can put some data behind our decisions and start iterating. This quickly led to the realization that in order for the paywall to convert at its best it must be thought of as one step in the overall funnel - a new LN enabled sales funnel - with different characteristics and strategies for increasing conversion.

LNPay.co for Business

So what is LNPay? LNPay is focused on building: a suite of tools to help you engage, convert, and retain your users in ways that were not possible before, both digitally and physically. A web paywall is just one piece of the puzzle - think of things like engaging your users with gifts/faucets as rewards for opening emails, or even selling your product via QRs in emails.
LNPay as of now supports (at a high level):
  • Easy checkout pages (paywalls) via embedded QRs (email, web, print, etc)
  • Gifts/faucets/refunds (email, web, print, etc)
  • Integration with Zapier for triggered actions on key events (payment, withdrawal, etc)
  • Customizable css for web layouts
  • Insights / analytics - think if your invoice had a utm_source tied to it
  • Multiple wallets for segmenting funds and basic accounting functions

LNPay.co for Developers

The LNPay API enables the above features to be created and manipulated programmatically. The new wallet/payments API (alpha) is particular useful for outsourcing basic user wallet management so you can focus on building your app and not reinventing LN stuff. The API is used in various hardware projects from Point-of-Sale devices to ATMs. (more on this to come) I will also be migrating the swagger doc to the improved GitBook format, which I am enjoying using.

Wrap up

Lastly - this is all a very beta bootstrap special, things don't look/work right, UI is lacking, etc. Please bull with me. ALSO - paywall.link and lnpay.co are the exact same thing once logged in right now. The logged in experience will eventually shift completely to lnpay.co
Thanks everyone for the support and feedback. Join the telegram group to stay updated, especially if you are using the APIs. Feedback is king, let me know what you are thinking, and definitely let me know if something you need is not built yet.
Oh - and here is a faucet - thanks for reading.